So wrong but so right…

I don’t like these sandals. I love them. Admittedly friends didn’t look too impressed as they slipped their feet into Topshop’s finest sky-high wedges whilst I eagerly followed the shop assistant around to ask for the left sandal but my mother always says to ‘wear what’s comfy’ and all that. Sometimes I feel that my style resembles more ‘boyfriend in 60 years’ than ‘super-cool Topshop model’ so I may as well wear the full whammy and style these with a pair of white socks. I get bored playing it safe (although sometimes around midday I question what I was thinking that particular morning). Whether it’s with a floral dress or trusty cut-offs with the old iron maiden t-shirt, I believe the price per wear of these shoes becomes too good to ignore…

What do you think? Is this fashion with an edge? Or a touch ‘granddad’ in the wrong direction? 

Forgive me – I realise the majority of my fashion ramblings have been based on Topshop. Not very original but I guess the high street giant cannot put a ‘stylish granddad sandaled’ foot wrong. It’s my mission to bring something unique (or maybe just cheaper) to my little space in this crazy cyber world.

Speak soon,
Lots of Love,

H xx

Find these beauties at Topshop 

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