Holiday Inspired…

It was yet another useless attempt of a dissertation day today> More time was spent procrastinating and going on every shopping website I could think of and pre-plan for my holiday.

My fave find of today came from Beyond Retro (perfect when trying to avoid work since there is soo much on the website!). For holiday I am thinking….

This lovely thing is from Beyond Retro for £20 which I don’t think is too bad. Perfect for evenings on holiday and could be adapted (with an over-sized jumper or cardigan) for the unpredictable English weather! The way I picture it is on holiday with gladiator sandals and big, gold, ‘chavtastic’ earrings that would put Pat Butchers collection to shame…I am excited. Now just have to wait for 3 months for the holiday….! Hope every single one of my lovely followers (yep, that’s you Mum) are enjoying the rays!

Lots of Love,

H x

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