Celeb Inspired…

I am a Heat Magazine, Google images to see what celebs are wearing Queen! I like to dribble over designer clothes and then set myself the near-impossible mission to find the designer piece for a non-designer price. This is a hobby of mine. Something I enjoy so please forgive me as my blog becomes infested with charity shop (well, if it’s for a good cause..) goods and other affordable, amazingly good offers….

Last summer I saw pictures of Alexa Chung at a festival wearing cut of denim shorts and some form of luxurious, silk, off white shirt. I would put an image of her in this outfit but as I am new to this blogging malarkey and I am not 100% of copyright laws yet. I am just going to let you imagine this beautiful picture…!

When browsing online earlier I came across a shirt, if worn ‘scruffily’ with the sleeves rolled up, buttons undone at the top, could be the perfect substitute for Alexa’s outfit. Drum roll please…….

Yep, this is £6.99 online from Oxfam! I suspect Alexa got the shirt for something a little more than £6.99! Although these pieces are a ‘one-off’, the Oxfam website are always publishing amazingly brilliant buys of which will only set the pulse run faster than paying triple the price.

Shorts to pair with this silk treasure can be found from Urban Outfitters. Vintage Levis’s are sold for £32, which doesn’t seem tooo extortionate! Pair with that siren-red lipstick and ‘messy-style’ hair and we are raring to go. Bring on the summer!

H x

(P.S. hope you’ve all been enjoying the beautiful sunshine!!)

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